Our Six Guiding Principles


Together, our team established our law firm because we believe that we are good at what we do, and we enjoy doing it together

We maintain a work ethic that is client-focused, performance-driven, and life-balanced. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality legal work, while adhering to a fundamental set of core values. We have codified these values into the following Six Guiding Principles, and strive to follow them in every aspect of our law practice and our lives:

Represent Clients with Zeal and Skill

  • Be the best in our areas of law
  • Advocate with excellence
  • Exercise sound and well-reasoned judgment
  • Understand, appreciate, and respond immediately to client needs


  • Promote teamwork, collegiality, and creative thinking
  • Value diverse opinions and open communication
  • Maintain a welcoming and accepting culture

Be Civil

  • Treat colleagues, adversaries, and each other with civility and respect
  • Communicate and work honestly and professionally at all times

Own It

  • Take responsibility and always hold ourselves accountable
  • Commit to uncompromising integrity

Work Hard/Play Hard

  • Devote ourselves to client work, take our job seriously, and love every minute of it
  • Understand when and how to have fun and enjoy personal balance in our lives

Give Back

  • Donate our time and skills to help make the justice system fair and accessible for all
  • Lead, promote, and improve the legal profession
  • Be advocates for justice and fairness in our society at large through impactful civic engagement

Get the Representation You Deserve

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