Government Finance, Taxation, and Economic Development

Broad Scope of Services

We counsel clients in all types of public financial and economic development transactions ranging from straightforward general obligation, revenue, and alternate bonds, to financings involving public / private cooperation, such as special service areas, tax increment financing (TIF) and business districts, tax exempt industrial revenue bonds, sales and utility tax rebate agreements, building permit and property tax abatement agreements, and local tax sharing and fee in lieu of taxes public-private arrangements.

Our services have ranged from bond counsel to issuer’s counsel to underwriter’s counsel. We have also done extensive work in developing and expanding public utility systems on behalf of clients (including water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and roadway systems) and in regulating other public utilities locations within our clients’ corporate limits, such as electricity, telecommunications, and gas utilities.

Sophisticated Financial Counsel

We understand the many possible uses for various financing tools, and we have assisted our clients in using them as part of their fiscal planning, as well as for project management and economic development.

We understand the intricacies of the complex statutes that regulate public sector financing mechanisms, and we know how to guide our clients step-by-step through the sometimes time consuming process. Through our active private-sector development practice, our attorneys know and understand public finance from the developer perspective as well. Consequently, we are able to devise creative solutions to make public-private partnerships successful.

Get the Legal Representation You Deserve

Public or private sector, we can give you the legal support you need.

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