Representing the Private Sector in Real Estate and Land Use

Astute and experienced counsel, broad community relationships, and keen insights into the public sector approval process


Providing the Private Sector Sophisticated and Practical Counsel

Illinois has almost 7,000 units of local government, more than any other state in the country. Utilizing decades of public sector experience across all levels of Illinois government, the attorneys at Elrod Friedman skillfully work with property owners, investors, tenants, landlords, developers, financial institutions, and other real estate entities on projects, big and small, that require entitlements and other governmental approvals.

This is how we work for our private sector clients:

  • We know all aspects of Illinois land use entitlement law and process
  • We have intimate familiarity with zoning laws and procedures
  • We are efficient and timely with our work product and our counsel
  • We are excellent negotiators
  • We are at home at public meetings, forcefully and fairly advocating for entitlements
  • We are respected by government officials throughout Illinois
  • We do not over-lawyer real estate and entitlement transactions

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A unique understanding and perspective on the development process

There is no other Illinois law firm that possesses both a significant and accomplished governmental law and land use practice and an extremely well-known and highly regarded private-sector real estate development and transactional practice. This dual dynamic of experiences inures to the benefit of our private sector developer clients as they seek entitlements from public bodies.

We bring to our private entitlement representations not just legal acumen and experience, but deep and broad relationships with government and municipal officials throughout Illinois at all levels, who know us well and respect us for our civility and our fair and common sense approach to land development and public-private sector cooperation.

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We’re one of the few firms that represents both public and private sectors. We have the ability to represent your interests with shared language, a common purpose, and a deep knowledge of how to make public-private partnerships work.

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Years of experience ready to employ for the broadest range of entitlement projects

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