General Government Counseling

We work every day with the laws that govern crucial day-to-day matters encountered by Illinois local governments.

These include the following:

  • Public bidding, purchasing, and contracting
  • Open meetings and FOIA
  • The appropriation and budgeting of funds
  • The regulation and licensing of businesses
  • The acquisition and disposition of real estate matters

Not only do we interpret and apply these laws, we regularly write the laws by drafting new codes, ordinances, and regulations to implement policies formulated by our clients.

Many of the daily matters that our clients face are becoming increasingly complex due in part to continued urban and suburban growth, as well as population growth and shifts around Illinois, and with state and federal laws constantly changing.

These matters include massive public works projects, historic preservation regulations and disputes, affordable and workplace housing, accessibility requirements for people with disabilities, liquor licensing, environmental disputes, civil rights issues including racial profiling and excessive force, and telecommunications services. Our attorneys have developed knowledge in all of these areas and are able to guide our public sector clients through these complex, often troublesome, issues.

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