Government Ethics

We are keenly aware that Illinois governments must operate in the public spotlight and that strict adherence to the numerous ethics and conflicts of interest rules, regulations, statutes, and court decisions are essential.

We have years of experience navigating and opining on statutory and common law conflicts of interest, state and local prohibited political activities and gift ban regulations, the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act, the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, bid rigging statutory prohibitions, and improper direct and indirect interests in government contracts.

We have also served officially as Ethics Officer at all levels, from local government units to the transition team for an Illinois Governor-elect. We work on these issues on a daily basis, providing clear and dispassionate counsel on what are often extremely sensitive matters. We are practical in our guidance and do not take the easy way out by adhering to unrealistically constrained interpretations in order to avoid tough decisions. We believe that more nuanced interpretations are often necessary in order to both comply with the law and to apply that law realistically to the real world complexities of governance, whether at a local or state level.

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