Government Operations

We know that for our government clients to accomplish their goals for their communities and residents, they must operate in an ordered and proper fashion.

Government Operations Laywers

Our attorneys have many years of experience assisting our clients in day-to-day operational issues.

This includes parliamentary procedures (including Robert’s Rules of Order) and Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act requirements. Governments at all levels throughout the state (including the State of Illinois itself) have retained us to help navigate FOIA and OMA compliance.

As a tribute to the way we practice, we have established an excellent relationship with key officials in the Illinois Attorney General’s office, particularly those involved in FOIA and OMA work. While we may, on occasion, disagree with that office’s OMA and FOIA interpretations, it is the case that the Attorney General’s office has an extremely high respect for our firm and knows that we do not take our positions without strong support and logic.

The Attorney General has teamed with our municipal attorneys to provide FOIA and OMA training to Illinois local governments. Our attorneys also work with the General Assembly as new bills impacting local governments are considered. We were intimately involved in the interpretations of amendments to the State Gift Ban Act and its impact on municipalities. We advise our clients every day on these important and sensitive operational issues. Our advice focuses on practical, legally appropriate, and publicly defensible positions.

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