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We look beyond the handshake. An agreement is not an accomplishment in itself – it is the beginning of a process. Our horizon is performance and commitment over time.

Our representation of state and local governments has regularly required us to draft, negotiate, and litigate all types of contracts.

We prepare and negotiate contracts for almost every conceivable purpose, including:

  • Multimillion-dollar public works projects
  • Architectural, engineering, testing and inspection services
  • Insurance and claims services and coverages
  • Cellular and wireless tower and antenna leases
  • Finance and investment services
  • Easements and licenses
  • Land acquisitions and disposals
  • Garbage collection
  • Concessionaire services
  • Cable television and cellular communication franchises
  • Computer hardware and software purchase
  • Development and maintenance
  • Surety takeovers
  • Website development, maintenance, and licensing
  • Federal and state grant assistance
  • Water treatment plant bidding and contract documents for lakefront communities
  • Police and fire station design, management, and construction bidding and contract documents

We have also developed model construction and public bidding contract documents for all of our local government clients, including long form contracts for substantial public works projects and shorter forms for mid-size and smaller projects.

We have prepared a long and short model contract for retaining design professionals and other consultants. These documents have become easy to use, economical, “fill-in-the-blank” forms, so our clients are not required to reinvent the wheel each time they enter into a contract. These contracts and agreements are designed to protect the interests of our public sector clients, thus making them more effective than standard industry models.

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