Illinois Cannabis Law

Our attorneys have vast experience on the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act and the Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act.

Having assisted in the formulation and drafting of the state enactments and regulations, we have been in the unique position of being able to provide deep and thoughtful advice and analysis to communities and businesses across the state on the regulation and licensing of the cannabis industry. We have guided our public sector clients through public hearings, zoning code amendments, and new regulatory structures to address the many unique issues related to the medical and recreational use of cannabis and the location and operation of cannabis establishments.

We have provided seminars to public safety personnel on the legal and practical challenges of cannabis legalization. We have worked with our clients on local regulations and licensure issues for cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, craft growers, infusers and transporters. Owing to our vast public sector representations, key members of the General Assembly regularly consult with us on issues related to the cannabis legislation.

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